August 12, 2016

The Sense Of Reality Carlos Mora Vanegas build our future, thought by thought, for better or for worse, but not know it. But thus the universe was forged. Michael Jackson shines more light on the discussion. Thinking is another name for destination, then choose your destination and expected, because love produces love and hate produces hatred. Henry Van Dyke in Hinduism emphasizes constantly, that bogar by this physical dimension, we must concern ourselves with understand our reason for being and the real interactions with our environment, therefore must be tearing the veil of illusion (Maya) and delve into the true reality, surprise us in who we are, why we are, what our service line. Eugenio Carutti bequeathed us, that we realize how it empequenecemos reality and the universe with our forms, it is important, when in reality we don't know how the universe, nor what the reality is. We know as well that the problem of each one of us is narcissism; But behind this lies the narcissism of humanity as a species, yet we do not collectively think as entities capable of knowing that this is all; as the center of the universe, the important species, the roof of the evolution. Carutti insists on pointing out, that the sense of vastness arises when we perceive this deep human limitation. You know for example how much enjoys a thirsty animal to drink in the river or the pleasure of the child who plays in its waters. The River absolutely unknown how to his deathbed. Your destination's mouth in a Lake, the equations that the chemical will develop depending on the composition of your water. He has no idea of all this; the simple stream flows: becomes infinite realities in other lives about which is unknown and disclaims all forever. Hence, that do not should surprise us we do question we know what our real way, we know that entities feed on our energies? who of us enjoys contemplating the human heart? do we have the slightest idea of what we are to other dimensions that we will...
Economic Research CAMOVA Hope is a flowering tree that sways gently to the breath of illusions. Severo Catalina History has shown that great empires do not last as long as you want to stay, especially when it has been shown that to maintain his power must know manage, properly manage their resources and above all, knowing interrelate with all those countries without result which sooner or later may affect, as has happened to the United States faced a serious economic crisis and will undoubtedly require changes to ensure its stability and does not significantly affect those who live in and this also affects some countries of this globe. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER, for its acronym in English) defines a recession as a significant decline in economic activity that lasts more than a few months and affect employment, personal income, industrial production, and sales in manufacturing and retail. It tells us about this, Mario Diament the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires, that Americans are becoming aware that the recession has arrived and that will be long and painful, and are taking drastic measures to weather it. This austerity unexpectedly visibly felt in the consumer responsible for two thirds of the economy, which, as one might imagine, does nothing but aggravate the crisis. Nine out of 10 respondents to a recent survey by Reuters, believes the economy is already in full recession and last week, the percentage of those who think that things will get worse rose from 57 to 79%.