July 19, 2016

Outer Distance Working in pairs, to strike into the body of a partner bouncing at the same time on the full distance of contact impact. The aim is to 'get' strike partner before he will be at a safe distance. Here, the important role played by psychological relaxation (the very 'Unwillingness' to beat), which through the behavior of the student to a large extent transferred and partner. Blows to the punching paw, holding that, coach or partner does something to distance (but not beyond the distance of contact shock), then sharply removes the shell up or down. Blow on a piece of paper the size of 25x25 cm, which is a partner holds the upper corners. This exercise - from the 'aerobatics'. If you can not just tear the paper and punch it hit bare fist it means you have enough 'acute' being struck with a high degree of accuracy. Before talking about the second phase, punctuated by strike should draw attention to one thing. The outer side of the brush untrained person very vulnerable. Phalanges rather fragile and not protected by muscle. Any melee fighter and a boxer in particular, striking out, risking 'get' instead of the desired early victories tangible injury hands, fists, if it did not pass the process of 'hardening'. Methods of hardening is very diverse. The most effective recognized pushups from the floor-ups, but not on the palms, and the clenched fist - at first in phalanxes, and then on bent knuckles. In order to avoid pain and push-ups should be carried out first on a soft cloth or on the floor of the ring, and then you can go and on the hard floor of the hall.
The Sense Of Reality Carlos Mora Vanegas build our future, thought by thought, for better or for worse, but not know it. But thus the universe was forged. Michael Jackson shines more light on the discussion. Thinking is another name for destination, then choose your destination and expected, because love produces love and hate produces hatred. Henry Van Dyke in Hinduism emphasizes constantly, that bogar by this physical dimension, we must concern ourselves with understand our reason for being and the real interactions with our environment, therefore must be tearing the veil of illusion (Maya) and delve into the true reality, surprise us in who we are, why we are, what our service line. Eugenio Carutti bequeathed us, that we realize how it empequenecemos reality and the universe with our forms, it is important, when in reality we don't know how the universe, nor what the reality is. We know as well that the problem of each one of us is narcissism; But behind this lies the narcissism of humanity as a species, yet we do not collectively think as entities capable of knowing that this is all; as the center of the universe, the important species, the roof of the evolution. Carutti insists on pointing out, that the sense of vastness arises when we perceive this deep human limitation. You know for example how much enjoys a thirsty animal to drink in the river or the pleasure of the child who plays in its waters. The River absolutely unknown how to his deathbed. Your destination's mouth in a Lake, the equations that the chemical will develop depending on the composition of your water. He has no idea of all this; the simple stream flows: becomes infinite realities in other lives about which is unknown and disclaims all forever. Hence, that do not should surprise us we do question we know what our real way, we know that entities feed on our energies? who of us enjoys contemplating the human heart? do we have the slightest idea of what we are to other dimensions that we will...