March 10, 2014

Translate Documents The service document translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English is among the most popular translation services in our office. We translate all kinds of documents. Standard documents - documents that less than 1,800 characters, and the price for their transfer is fixed, for example, in our office standard document translation from English or in English costs 30 UAH. Standard documents include: a birth certificate; marriage certificate; a certificate of divorce; the death certificate; diplomas and certificates; Help; passport; military ticket; employment records; pension certificate; personal affairs; transcripts; Driving law; cost of the translation of other documents, such as incorporation documents (articles of association, certificates, licenses, records, bank statements, etc.), agreements (including employment contracts), and others are calculated from cost of a regular transfer - 40 UAH. for 1800 characters with spaces. We also provide service to notarize the translation - this is when the translator's signature notarized. The cost can be notarized translation see here. The main principles of translation are Exito: High quality translation - our agency selects the best interpreters, which would provide you with high quality translation. It is human nature err, and even a professional can prevent junk. We are always ready to resolve the customer's request. Privacy - Information on input from the translation is kept in strict konfedintsealnosti. Efficiency in work - we always try to complete the transaction as soon as possible, which puts the customer. Competitive prices - if you compare our prices with the prices of other translation companies in Ukraine, you will see that they not too high.
Guinness Book One - for the family, the other - at work, the third "soul of the company," the other "loner in life, another one - for the beggars in the subway, etc. Psychologist looks at what you have under the mask. This is especially not taught, it comes with experience, so anyone can develop a host such observation. And now I'll tell you about one of the main indicators of the human soul, I am sure each of you have already guessed what I'm saying: "This the only part of the brain, which can be seen without disturbing its integrity - I'm on the eyes. Optic nerve transmits signals to the brain, directly reading information from the retina, which, in essence, is also nervous tissue. Since our brains - this cluster of neurons, ie nerve cells, the eye - the brain, passed on the outside. Looking man in the eye, you can not just conclude on their color, cut, depth you can look straight into the soul of man. Soul - this is the same as the psyche, so many things you can learn about a person through this visual guide. Each of us has the ability to visual analysis. Those who ponastoychivey, develop this ability until psychic phenomena. That is literally no psychologist, a psychic or a healer can not read the thoughts of another person, in principle, but it can develop the incredible power of observation, and based on the obtained in this information do when this is sufficiently reliable conclusions. World through the eyes of a psychologist - a world without frames, signatures, and prejudice. This ability to see everything in the form in which it is, without any navyazok those dictated by modern lifestyles. And this ability to possess not only the therapists, each man is his own psychologist, someone nicer, but someone unavailable. But if you want anyone can develop any ability, a lot of examples of this: athletes, champions Guinness Book, and simply outstanding individuals who meet at every step.