March 10, 2014

The Industrial Revolution A part of the film called me attention sufficiently. At certain moment a personage hears the notice of that two laborers had been rich, after to receive a good prize. One of the first declarations of the laboring ones was of that they would go to live of income. Moral of history: The critical one that a proletariat makes to the style of life of the bourgeoisie if of only while this if finds in the condition of ' ' salesman of hand-of-obra' '. When this same person gains money and has the condition of if to become owner of means of production, adopts the same customs that long ago in such a way criticize. The strike if draws out, the deep one of the box of reserve arrives at the end and the families of the laborers pass hunger. Revolts if occur. In one of them, the owner of the warehouse is died and mutilated in a symbolic hatred. Its commerce is pillaged. Exactly thus, the situation arrives a point where the workers give up. Many come back to the mines, in the same degradantes conditions of before. The last scenes of the film turn around a great accident in the mine, with landslides and explosions. It enters the last fights for the strike and the accidents, die some people of the family of Maheu, it also, what revolt its wife. With the failure of the strike, Etienne is rejected by the community, seen as one of the responsible ones for the deaths of the laborers. It goes even so with sadness. The film portraies with maestria a specific historical moment, that if uncurled in innumerable countries, each one in its time and of form not uniform. Of common, the separation between that withholds the capital consequentemente and the means of production? the bourgeois ones -, and the ones that only have to offer its force of work? the proletariat. The Industrial Revolution completely changed the life of the communities. The time started to run faster, meaning more money. The artisan productions...
The Trends The ecological movements had not cheated ' to take poder' in place none (and they had been never considered to this, well of the truth), but had obtained significantly to extend the green tone in excessively the political parties social or movements. The penetration of ' conscience ecolgica' in the opinion it publishes in general was marcante, fact that led almost that all the trends politics to flirt with (with greater or minor severity, or to the times none, but the rhetoric moved) with concerns ecologistas.' ' (VESENTINI. 1989, Pp. 39? 40) Exactly against taste the ecological subjects had arrived at the order of the day because of the opinion publish that they had revealed its concerns corresponding of the ecologists. What ' ' the owners of mundo' ' they make is if to hold as esquizofrnicos that if he sees pursued of a dangerous monster that intends to take off everything of them to leave them in the total disaster or, if hold as people pursued for a conspiracy that intends force them to dislike it its coreligionists and friends whom they explore the ecosystem to make its accounts you would bank if to raise the astronomical levels; most of the time they make seen the ambient, ecological emergency thick, for being so ruminants how much the ones that they conserve in green grass of immense deforested land areas. If the opinion publishes already despertou for the necessity and the urgency of a change as for the question ' ' valor' ' , reason for the maintenance of a predatory and exculpatory economic system does not exist, where minorities in rooms of closed doors decide what it is better for the planet. If the justification of this minority is to please the financial speculators and the great transnational companies, then more urgent if it makes the claims for the implementation and implantation of a economic system ' ' verde' '.