February 16, 2014

Evaporation Moisture The higher the temperature, the stronger the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the product, the lower the relative humidity, the more intense will be absorption of this moisture. In addition, the rate of drying depends on flow rate of drying air. Naturally, the drying depends on the density and the thickness of the pieces of pasta. As the product is to reduce moisture condensation due to the structure compression, which reduces the rate of movement of moisture inside the product. Therefore, drying rate must be reduced, to prevent a critical difference in moisture content of layers, which leads to a split within the product. For quality of processes of drying, cooling, stabilization and storage of pasta, it is important to know the value of their equilibrium moisture content at different temperature and humidity of air parameters. They are defined by curves of equilibrium moisture. When selecting the drying curve to use the equilibrium moisture content corresponding to that temperature, which is used. At the exit of the dryer pasta have a temperature equal to drying air temperature of the last stage of drying. So before packing items you want to cool the product to room temperature, otherwise the process of evaporation cools the surface of products will occur in package, which after condensation settle on the surface of products and packaging material, which will lead to zakisaniyu and product spoilage. Must be used to cool slowly for 3-4 hours, during which the product blown air having a temperature and humidity corresponding to the equilibrium moisture content of products, that is about - t-25-30 C and W-60-65%. During this time there is a final alignment of moisture throughout the mass products, internal resorption of shear stress, and reduced humidity on 0,5 1%. The oldest method, which initiated the use of low-temperature regimes, is drying in the open air, initially used on the south of Italy.
Sewing Machines The learning process is sewing can be compared to learning to drive a car. In order to acquire the basic skills of driving, it is not necessary to buy a luxury sports car. Of course, you need a reliable machine, since learning can become a very complicated process, if it has any problems. Similarly, the case with the beginner seamstress. You will need sewing machines that can perform well straight stitch and zigzag. Since using these stitches you will be able to sew everything you need. As you know, the car can go forward and back up. Such a function must be provided in the sewing machine. You will make a huge mistake if you buy a car without checking how it goes. Therefore, try working a sewing machine before you buy it. Sure, second-hand sewing machine - best choice for beginner sewers. In life we often want to buy something new, but teaching sewing - not the most appropriate for this moment. These sewing machines can be purchased at your local dealer. They are a great investment, as long you will last. Perhaps you do not know yet, will do her sewing all the time, or is it your next whim. So, be wise to buy a used sewing machine in good condition, rather than spend a lot of money the new machine. Singer, Elna, Janome, Husqvarna Viking, White, Brother, and Pfaff - popular brands of sewing machines, which are distinguished by their high quality. However, each model its own peculiarities. If you are a beginner sewer, you should not buy a computer or embroidery machine, but the electric sewing machine - just what you need. Take a careful selection of machines - sewing will no longer be just a whim, and become a favorite pastime!