February 22, 2014

Understanding Banks When we communicate with others, we choose certain words that identify who we are, that come from country or city, our studies, social class, and approximate age range, among other features. There are many words that are associated with different periods of our life, or times when such words were in vogue, and remember these words, we wake up in the memory that particular stage. We can say that words have emotional or emotional resonance to every individual, as when he mentioned certain words will trigger different mental images and emotional consequences. Now, when you study a foreign language, it often happens that new words are learned not feel well emotionally than those whose mother tongue when we were kids, why, you might easily forget, and cost store . The connotation, denotation and consistent mental representation of each word may be different in each person, not just by language, but also by stereotypes, parameters, or history that each culture. For example, the Argentines say "pan dulce" and in English we say "Christmas cake (Christmas cake)," Heaven "(Arg)," Heaven "(Heaven mystical, or religious) (USA)," sky "( the sky that we as part of nature), "palm" (Arg) is "palm heart" (heart of palm) (USA), "salsa golf" (Arg) is "see food sauce" (salsa food Sea) (USA). The same word can mean different things, such as in Castilian the word "bank" includes three meanings: either the "park bench", the "bench to sit" (without support) or a "financial institution" in English change in three different words are used "bench", "stoll" and "bank." However, there may also be the same words in the variants of the same language, but also share the same mental picture for some speakers than others. For example, Spanish, "cream" is cream and Castilian is the layer that forms on the milk, "Curran" in Spanish is what Buenos Aires is Castilian for "work"; "Curran" in Argentina is a very informal word that derives of slang, meaning to steal and semantics of the word is very negative. Or, use completely different words or phrases to express...
Translate Documents The service document translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English is among the most popular translation services in our office. We translate all kinds of documents. Standard documents - documents that less than 1,800 characters, and the price for their transfer is fixed, for example, in our office standard document translation from English or in English costs 30 UAH. Standard documents include: a birth certificate; marriage certificate; a certificate of divorce; the death certificate; diplomas and certificates; Help; passport; military ticket; employment records; pension certificate; personal affairs; transcripts; Driving law; cost of the translation of other documents, such as incorporation documents (articles of association, certificates, licenses, records, bank statements, etc.), agreements (including employment contracts), and others are calculated from cost of a regular transfer - 40 UAH. for 1800 characters with spaces. We also provide service to notarize the translation - this is when the translator's signature notarized. The cost can be notarized translation see here. The main principles of translation are Exito: High quality translation - our agency selects the best interpreters, which would provide you with high quality translation. It is human nature err, and even a professional can prevent junk. We are always ready to resolve the customer's request. Privacy - Information on input from the translation is kept in strict konfedintsealnosti. Efficiency in work - we always try to complete the transaction as soon as possible, which puts the customer. Competitive prices - if you compare our prices with the prices of other translation companies in Ukraine, you will see that they not too high.