January 01, 2014

Astropsychology On the contrary, Astropsychology helps a person to know himself, his potential, the internal causes of certain events and relationships, as well as modify, develop, and be happy. Completely different and very effective, and in each individual case, the vision of the situation gives us Astropsychology. Change will help Psychocorrection. This is a type of psychological help, the set of methods and activities that are aimed at correcting deficiencies of perception and assessment of the situation or the behavior of healthy people that do not meet the optimal model. Psychocorrection making essential changes in human behavior in its relations with the outside and the inner worlds and takes place after first thoroughly psychoanalytic situation, life history and identity of the customer. Now been developed and used the following methods of psychological correction: Acoustic (audiopsihokorrektsiya) Videopsihokorrektsiya, Intensive psycho-correction. Both of these methods to provide competent combination a great opportunity to find a way out of seemingly hopeless situations. How this is done minimally necessary to investigate the balance in two ways, which considered in this I and others on which is more oriented towards people - for yourself or a group, in its opinion or the opinion of your partner? Helps identify and socialize Customized components of personality. The external world and The inner world is where most of the people's attention - on the events of the outside world or his own feelings? Helps to identify components of Extraversion and Introverted personality. Although it appears at first glance, there is limited number of logically permissible combination.
Mediation Who is? Mediation is an alternative that can help him (a) to not have to deal with a contentious divorce. The mediator is usually a lawyer expert in this area, but could also be a counselor, psychologist or social worker. His work is to help that you and your spouse can communicate. The mediation consists of a third person who intercedes between you and your spouse. What does? The mediator will not tell you what to do, nor will choose who to be between you and your spouse supporter. The role of the mediator is to serve as a link between you and your spouse in a neutral manner. Hire a mediator is an option that should not happen if you and your spouse can still talk. The plan is that this mediated communication agreements that are beneficial to both. If you are unable to reach an agreement fair to both, the case shall be resolved in court. It should I? Hire a mediator that serves as a link between you and your spouse might seem as an additional cost. And the truth is that initially it will be, but arriving at a clear and accepted agreements between you and your spouse will cost you much less than if it ends up tangled in a long litigation process. Mediation is not the best solution for everyone. If you are not hold see face your spouse or would like restrallarlo against the floor, is best that you first check their emotions and then bring the case to the Court with a good lawyer. The responsibility of the spouse work with the mediator requires that you be open (a) to consider some of the proposals of your spouse. Does not come with one I attitude of I want it all because I were unfaithful. You need to be willing (a) to cooperate. Identify how much can give in to the demands of your spouse and fight so that what you are asking is a priority for the welfare or health of their children. By itself,...