December 19, 2013

MacBook Air The notebook is made of anodized aluminum, and its smooth curves lead us to believe in weightlessness brainchild of Apple. On the other hand, the psychological factor plays a minor role: today you will not find in the sale of more than thin laptop, given the weight class MacBook Air - just 1.36 kg. Despite the fact that the MacBook display has a diagonal of 13.3 inches, it still belongs to the class of ultra-making. This laptop is very convenient to travel: it sizes are almost the same as that of the modern glossy magazine. In addition, Apple products are always feature a stylish appearance. If the design and technical design MacBook Air brought to perfection, with other points of view, this laptop can be considered a victim of compromise. Just look at its side edges. There was no place for usual optical drive, card reader, even Ethernet ports and Firewire. C Only the right side of the laptop has a small socket single-port usb 2.0, headphone jack and connector Micro-DVI. The absence of a standard set of connectors is disappointing. The majority of complaints is reduced to a single port usb 2.0, for modern notebooks negligible. But on the other hand, anyone should - that will connect USB-hub. Even more frustrating the lack of Firewire, which does not allow you to connect digital camera to the MacBook Air. The notebook also supports wired networks. Apple explains this by saying that Wi-Fi should be sufficient. In our case, the wireless adapter supports the protocol of 802.11n, which is the peak bandwidth is 248 Mbps. The good news is that for about $ 29 (U.S.) you can buy an adapter USB-Ethernet.
Astropsychology On the contrary, Astropsychology helps a person to know himself, his potential, the internal causes of certain events and relationships, as well as modify, develop, and be happy. Completely different and very effective, and in each individual case, the vision of the situation gives us Astropsychology. Change will help Psychocorrection. This is a type of psychological help, the set of methods and activities that are aimed at correcting deficiencies of perception and assessment of the situation or the behavior of healthy people that do not meet the optimal model. Psychocorrection making essential changes in human behavior in its relations with the outside and the inner worlds and takes place after first thoroughly psychoanalytic situation, life history and identity of the customer. Now been developed and used the following methods of psychological correction: Acoustic (audiopsihokorrektsiya) Videopsihokorrektsiya, Intensive psycho-correction. Both of these methods to provide competent combination a great opportunity to find a way out of seemingly hopeless situations. How this is done minimally necessary to investigate the balance in two ways, which considered in this I and others on which is more oriented towards people - for yourself or a group, in its opinion or the opinion of your partner? Helps identify and socialize Customized components of personality. The external world and The inner world is where most of the people's attention - on the events of the outside world or his own feelings? Helps to identify components of Extraversion and Introverted personality. Although it appears at first glance, there is limited number of logically permissible combination.