December 25, 2013

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The Jurisdictional The institution of conciliation, whatever its form, as means of dispute resolution has great expectations in those who posit them, because their objective advantages are evident, however there are several factors which have made them failing our legal reality since ancient times. We must not forget that this institution with some variants was already known and had constitutional status in our reality from the Constitution of 1812 until which occurred in 1828 and then fell almost into oblivion, precisely because of the scarce results had thereon. In the experience of the judicial conciliation, will try to find the factors that have given the expected accomplishments or unwanted limitations and prospects that provides your application after many years of experience. So currently the jurisdictional bodies shows us that a different application is given in what refers to the intra conciliation process, in the case of this essay we will show the conciliation act performed in a process of nullity of judicata fraudulent, which concluded by conciliation; without that became available or recognised the existence of fraud, collusion, affecting the right to a due process within this cause; more on the contrary the conciliatory formula was restricted around the possession of a property in litigation, claim that was not required by the plaintiffs of the process in question. CABE then ask has had achievements judicial conciliation? may the conciliation process intra vary the claims made at the demand of the process? and if the initial claims were varied, these may be enforceable and executables in a running process?, the majority opinion of the operators and litigants can not affirm it; on the contrary there are serious evaluations that deny such achievements and show in any case limitations that draw a relative failure compared their initial perspectives. In judicial proceedings, it is usual that reconciliations are not made by the plaintiffs absence and reconciling resolve only at smaller percentage in the contentious.