July 03, 2013

Association There have always been generous people who have been concerned by others for religious, political or altruistic reasons. But the sociological phenomenon of social volunteering, moved by the passion for Justice and compassion transformed into commitment is a phenomenon that began three decades ago. After this time, there are signs of the dangers that runs the generosity of volunteers: political parties, Governments, cults and business interests. When the candidate comes to a NGO not is you can put to work without more with patients or children, in prisons or in any other service without proper training. The ultimate responsibility of any errors and the good progress is the organization. As it is not Government and operates in the sphere of civil society is governed by its regulations, adopted in accordance with the legislation in force. The protagonist of the social action of volunteering is not neither the organization nor the volunteer. It is the marginalized, the excluded, who suffers injustice. Or solidarity is a response to an inequality unfair or may result in mere compassion or charity. Or a substitute that stifled the wound and becomes an accomplice to those responsible for this unjust situation. Volunteer candidate should choose the Association that best suits your preferences and capabilities, and one is required to select the most suitable candidates for himself of that organization volunteering tasks. It is false that any person is entitled to enter into any organization. And dangerous. No more reading the legislation that regulates social volunteering. The volunteer must feel comfortable physically and economically, to cooperate according to their possibilities, within the Association which has admitted it, that it has trained and helped in its tasks of volunteering, with a conduct based on the principles of the non-governmental organizations. There is no any Assembly approach.
Preparation For Childbirth Do I need to prepare for childbirth? A clear answer to this question is impossible. After all, as any major event, childbirth - is a big responsibility. You can take it on themselves. And you can pass on to others - then, of course, no point in preparing for leave there, but to play in this case will have on other people's rules. It is important to understand that the desire to pass on to someone responsible is always self-deception. And he does not simplify life, as some people think, and complicates, and significantly. Schematically, the above can be reduced to a simple formula: Either a person to handle the circumstances, or they are - human. In the first case, the reality is that people chose, in the second - what will. Another important moment - a deliberate preparation for surgery and erratic absorption of information on this subject - things are incommensurable, because any discussion on the subject of "why learn to something and that something is not it easier to in the book (paper, Internet ...) on it read "- is also self-deception. If the expectant mother has decided that the preparation for childbirth is needed on what to look for, making the selection of a training program for pregnant women? In the first place - to the extent practical, will be the result of training. Any knowledge alone will not change anything if you do not know how to use them. It was "cashing out" of knowledge in real life is the goal of the learner. For a long time focused preparation for childbirth in our country is in general no one was doing. There were some individual lectures at hospitals and antenatal clinics in the effectiveness of which can rightly be doubted. In recent years the situation changed radically. Unfold courses for parents, special education centers: there are plenty to choose from. Importantly, as mentioned above - clearly understand what you really want. Trenigi conducted by the School of successful parenting cover various aspects related to preparation for childbirth...