June 21, 2013

Organization Freedom is the main axis of the voluntary action, rather than solidarity or that the search for justice. A good deed may be efficacious socially, can have a positive impact for people marginalized or excluded groups, but social volunteering because that decision will be moved total or partially by an interested objective will never be: a salary, a few academic credits, comply with a law, family or pressure from a group of reference, unreasonable incentives, military service or practices or content professional scholarships and economic impact. You also must be careful with pressure that they may exercise, with the best intention, teachers, parents, therapists or other educators to enable young people in his charge to perform some task of social volunteering. Orientation and education in solidarity for children and young people should not be confused with mandatory volunteer. A volunteer service is a set of actions created to improve the quality of life of people with diverse needs. The outcast, the sick person alone and abandoned, the protagonists of all voluntary action and towards them should lay all efforts. There is much difference between volunteering for the reintegration of marginalised and programmes for the reintegration of marginalized made by volunteers. The social volunteer always directs its efforts toward a third person outside the Group's own volunteers, because a team of volunteers may not be converted into a group of self-help, at least as a first objective. No person is an instrument to get to no end, overlooked that the purpose is. The protagonist in volunteering is the marginalized person and in it we have to think about when planning any working method. There will be volunteers whose motivations, poorly understood, come into collision with this radical principle of volunteerism. The personal benefits of the volunteer to the beneficiary of the programmes may not be prepend. The volunteer or the Organization cannot choose a method of work thinking in as well that will feel the volunteer, or in if this is going to come out of his depression or if it is more suited...
Association There have always been generous people who have been concerned by others for religious, political or altruistic reasons. But the sociological phenomenon of social volunteering, moved by the passion for Justice and compassion transformed into commitment is a phenomenon that began three decades ago. After this time, there are signs of the dangers that runs the generosity of volunteers: political parties, Governments, cults and business interests. When the candidate comes to a NGO not is you can put to work without more with patients or children, in prisons or in any other service without proper training. The ultimate responsibility of any errors and the good progress is the organization. As it is not Government and operates in the sphere of civil society is governed by its regulations, adopted in accordance with the legislation in force. The protagonist of the social action of volunteering is not neither the organization nor the volunteer. It is the marginalized, the excluded, who suffers injustice. Or solidarity is a response to an inequality unfair or may result in mere compassion or charity. Or a substitute that stifled the wound and becomes an accomplice to those responsible for this unjust situation. Volunteer candidate should choose the Association that best suits your preferences and capabilities, and one is required to select the most suitable candidates for himself of that organization volunteering tasks. It is false that any person is entitled to enter into any organization. And dangerous. No more reading the legislation that regulates social volunteering. The volunteer must feel comfortable physically and economically, to cooperate according to their possibilities, within the Association which has admitted it, that it has trained and helped in its tasks of volunteering, with a conduct based on the principles of the non-governmental organizations. There is no any Assembly approach.