January 12, 2013

The Way this depend on as the person perceives the actions of the world and interprets the same ones, in the majority of the cases of the seducers even though most worse the phase of its life leaves full of reasons for changing the appearance, the way of speaking, the group of friends or any another one technique for if feeling more seductive, but this depends on beliefs inlaid during its life. But to be seductive brings me benefits in the work? The reply she is clear.YES But as? A seductive person knows to use techniques to convince other people to make what it wants without to another one perceives that this making the desire of the seducer, that is, to another person believes to be making what it wants to call attention the seducer who stops it are a special person at that moment. Knowing to use the seduction we convince you lead, heads, directors and with certainty all the company and the time through the seduction we will become in them you lead, therefore the seducers always are in evidence. Tips of seduction: It writes down in an agenda the date of anniversary of the people, them go to feel when you important to remember this happy day. He orders bilhetinhos of gratefulness or e-mails, therefore thus you will be legalizing its admiration for the person. If sight well, uses adjusted clothes, always walks well dress, the people deserves that you are well. It uses a soft perfume, is important that they know you to the people I smell for it. It smiles, always, is with smile in the face, everybody likes well humoradas happy people and. It speaks with soft voice, with tonality continues and consistency, the voice is a great weapon of seduction and transmits tolerance and dicerdimento. It compliments everybody, either cordial always. Care with you criticize, makes with delicacy, therefore much people lead for the personal side, use the technique of the sandwich, first start with a compliment, immediately afterwards she makes its criticizes of subtle form and after...
Decrease Average Age In the cathedral of Chartres in France one of the elements most fascinating of the gtica art is found, the vitrais. It is important to stand out that Chartres if detaches for being the only medieval cathedral still to conserve great part of its original vitrais. Tree of Jess, produced in century XI enters the vitrais of Chartres is distinguished it enters the years of 1140 and 1150, that it consists of the representation of the genealogy of Jesus Christ through a family tree, projected one in one of the windows of the cathedral. The vitrais are composites for small fragmentos of colorful glasses forming in the windows a mosaic with diverse colors that symbolically translate the light of the Espirito Santo flooding the interior of the cathedral for a calm clarity and multicolorful, with the pretension to create an inspired environment and to take the expectador to contemplate the deity. The specialization of the hand is noticed in the artistic production of these vitrais of workmanship that started to appear in the Decrease Average Age. First it was necessary to melt the glass adding chemical elements to color to become it translucent; after they were made use the way of plates that after cooled were cut with a diamond tip in the preset format, in order to construct the break-head. But some details were painted the hand; after that these plates were made use of form if to incase one in the others, through a metallic frame call of ' ' profile of chumbo' '. These joined plates would form the great compositions of the windows, the vitrais. In the case of the vitral Tree of Jess the vertical format of the window if adaptou well to the considered subject that was to represent the family tree of Christ from Jess, deriving of the ancestry of the tribe of Jud.