October 04, 2012

The Film As A Gift: "How I Spent This Summer Name of the film How I spent this summer, the original name as I spent this summer Who can give young people, older generation, polar explorers, philosophers, psychologists, photographers, naturalists. What are holidays for no reason, professional holidays very often it seems that national cinema is still in big trouble, never recovered after a period of collapse. When the Soviet Union broke alteration, splashed on the screens tape, shot, they say, at news of the day (very virulent and sometimes openly ). Streams and bytovuhi that rarely met gifted movies, a few exhausted by the end of 80-ies. At the beginning of the 90's began a period of decline. Get out of his top domestic movie, in my subjective opinion, in the second half of the 90. And continuing this process until now. First, use the legacy of the tsarist regime, in other words, accumulated in the ussr tradition, it was unfashionable, then the eyes of producers and directors appealed to Hollywood, because demand for their products is always there! But the native nivah experience of Western colleagues gives scant fruit and bears sometimes preposterous hybrids. Not take root (not yet take root?) superheroes are transplanted into the local soil, the classical reflection looks ridiculous on the bandits and the glamorous young people. In recent years, increasingly began to come across real masterpieces in the field of serials and full-length tapes, gradually returning international recognition. And if the skeptics will argue with you on this issue, is to give them a new (although already relatively new) film "How I spent this summer." Film This filmed by director Alexei Popogrebsky in 2008-2009 and went into the world hire the 17 th February 2010 at the Berlin Film Festival. Domestic audience waiting now until April 1, 2010, and in my opinion, has not received any widespread rent or special advertising this movie.
Jorge Paulo It estresse it can have its origin in the personal displacement. Andres L. Peixinho the information of that everything and all are closely linked already is dedomnio public. A narrow relation between all exists the things efatos that happen in our globe, in our universe (UBALDI, 1988, p.35) (CAPRA, 1996). When everything is in its had place the things to podemter a possibility of maximum income, not mattering what they are. This is a principle of cosmic order. The creature human being also follows a similar principle. Each human being um to be singular. The addition of the singularidades forms, mounts, commands, edinamiza the inherent complexity to each social group or culture. When a man whose interior intuition (DRESSING GOWN, 1995) points an area deatuao, this would have to search this energy invitation summary, it judges that the conceitosestereotipados ones of more important and valuable the capitalist world are quesua interior voice. It all stifles the potential that lies latent in the soul, changing the eminent success of somebody hardwired with I the holy ghost (DRESSING GOWN, 1995) to be only one more, in the emptied task of repetition, obedience to the monotonous social order. As this order is diretamenteligada to the partner-economic factors, as its springs, criaturatorna an unstable repeater. All this process unchains a series of unconscious pessoaisinternos disequilibria, in the majority of the cases. As this occurs in nvelde unconsciousness of the conscience, the search for solution seems to postpone-seindefinidamente. This interior crisis, fruit of the increasing insatisfaopessoal, advances. In this to advance of the disequilibrium, the camposfacilitadores of the illnesses are born (POWELL, 1997, P. 104), a time that these direct sodecorrncias of psique unbalanced (ANDREA, 1992, P. 21). No matter how hard if it strengthens for the offered compensatory ways its place simple, demanding effort, patience, devotion and personal, extremamente pleasant reflection to carry through: the conquest of this stranger, quesomos we ourselves. Washington Bacelar, Curitiba, October of 1999.REFERNCIAS BIBLIOGRFICASANDREA, Jorge. Perispirito or psicossoma.