October 11, 2012

Living beings as Living beings as Claude Bernard Claude Bernard had made the surprising discovery that the "inert" and "living bodies" are not the same thing. He wrote "The spontaneity is not inert in itself, is not an individual difference, and therefore one can be certain of the results. However, when dealing with a living, individuality brings a disturbing element of complexity beyond the external conditions need to consider intrinsic organic reactions, which give the name of 'inner environment' (milieu int rieur) . Claude Bernard had begun to understand. Their discovery was obviously due to the whole series of failed experiments conducted, having never been able to obtain twice the same result followed in his essays, and this discovery greatly troubled him because he threatened to show the futility of his life as " scientist. "Perhaps the relentless bugs that were constantly emerging of his vivisection had begun to upset their mental state. In any case, damaged his literary vein, clouding their reasoning style and paralyzing her. Introduction Because if clearly expressed ideas whose inaccuracy only with the passage of time would be proven in M decine thinking is cloudy and the author expresses no sense, and end of the following excerpt (page 249): "Have you ever wondered how can one reach valid conclusions when there are substances that are poisonous to some animals but not so for others, and substances that are poisonous to humans but not animals.We have mentioned the porcupine is not poisoned by prussic acid consumption, the goat that eats belladonna without problems, the sheep can eat huge amounts of arsenic without suffering lethal effects, the toads that are not poisoned by their own poison, animals water that are capable of producing electric shocks without suffering the consequences and the marine animals that are not damaged by the influence of salt. Everything you just mentioned is inadequate as an explanation. In fact, if you admit what science would be impossible. " Rereading his conclusion, Claude Bernard had to realize that clarification was needed and added a note become even worse: "You have...
Robert Ader The emotions influence so much in our relations and negotiations like in our health. Or that the emotions are positive like the good humor, the joy, the joy, among others, as well as the refusals which I mentioned before, influence deeply. The positive emotions help to maintain to us in good state and in case we suffer a disease they facilitate its recovery. The negative emotions, by their side, influence our health favoring the contraction of certain diseases, since they make the immunological system more vulnerable. According to the psychologist Robert Ader, there is a infinity of ways in which the central nervous system and the immunological system communicate: biological footpaths that cause that the mind, the emotions and the body are not separated but intimately interrelated. Daniel Goleman, like specialistic doctor in the subject describes, it of a shining way in his books on emotional intelligence. The people who feel chronic anxiety, prolonged periods of sadness and pesimism, continuous tension or hostility, implacable cynicism or mistrusts, have the risk double of contracting a disease. To know the own emotions is something fundamental. To recognize which is the emotion that we are feeling at the moment at we felt which it is tremendously useful, since it allows a greater same knowledge us of us and also it allows us to learn to canalize and to express those emotions towards the others of suitable way. To listen to us with being able and to reflect envelope which we felt us can take to take care of plus our analyses, especially those that take to this type of nonadvisable emotions. The world that we lived extremely is affected by this type of emotions and it is required that more people we make a taking of brings back to consciousness and we work envelope they. There are nothing else detrimental for the human development that no the negative emotions since they are extremely contagious.