October 19, 2012

Robert Ader The emotions influence so much in our relations and negotiations like in our health. Or that the emotions are positive like the good humor, the joy, the joy, among others, as well as the refusals which I mentioned before, influence deeply. The positive emotions help to maintain to us in good state and in case we suffer a disease they facilitate its recovery. The negative emotions, by their side, influence our health favoring the contraction of certain diseases, since they make the immunological system more vulnerable. According to the psychologist Robert Ader, there is a infinity of ways in which the central nervous system and the immunological system communicate: biological footpaths that cause that the mind, the emotions and the body are not separated but intimately interrelated. Daniel Goleman, like specialistic doctor in the subject describes, it of a shining way in his books on emotional intelligence. The people who feel chronic anxiety, prolonged periods of sadness and pesimism, continuous tension or hostility, implacable cynicism or mistrusts, have the risk double of contracting a disease. To know the own emotions is something fundamental. To recognize which is the emotion that we are feeling at the moment at we felt which it is tremendously useful, since it allows a greater same knowledge us of us and also it allows us to learn to canalize and to express those emotions towards the others of suitable way. To listen to us with being able and to reflect envelope which we felt us can take to take care of plus our analyses, especially those that take to this type of nonadvisable emotions. The world that we lived extremely is affected by this type of emotions and it is required that more people we make a taking of brings back to consciousness and we work envelope they. There are nothing else detrimental for the human development that no the negative emotions since they are extremely contagious.
Creating Deep Connections Understanding the formula for creating deep connections helps men to reduce the chances of getting fake telephone numbers. So why do men avoid making a deep connection? Men usually have more than a bravuconeriaa compared with women, and are much more aware of the image you want to show to others, and generally leave men only a bravuconeriaa and leave such rubbish, with Very few people, especially those that have more confidence. Some men can not even imagine mourn in front of people, even the very idea makes them tremble. Men consider the strength, confidence and success as attractive qualities to be maintained in order to gain the respect of men and women obviously mourn or admit they have problems, fears, insecurities, etc. It would only damage the image they have developed over the years. YEAR Now you scared! I know you're thinking that this will be the part where I try to change you, and I would say let the a bravuconeriaa and begin to show their inner emotions, fears, insecurities and weaknesses and you became one of the a Hombres metrosexual New Eraa ABSOLUTAMENTE NO! I can not think of anything worse than dating a Blusa Afeminadaa a This is a term that unfortunately I see myself using more and more due to the fact that men are told to act as a Endeblesa , so to seduce a woman. Seeing a man on a date with a woman who wants to talk about emotions and feelings all night and how you feel weak and / or without love, or a guy who wants to disclose their insecurities me crazy.