September 28, 2012

Launching Act Tributary It makes use the CTN, in its art. 145: Art. 145. The regularly notified launching to the passive citizen only can be modified in virtue of: I - impugnation of the passive citizen; II - resource ex-officio; III - initiative ex-officio of the administrative authority, in the cases foreseen in article 149. (grifos not of the original) For this legal excerpt, effected the launching act tributary, the Public Farm it can, exactly not having the fiscal administrative litigation office (CTN, art. 145, I and II), for initiative of proper it, to revise it ex-officio, with bedding in interpolated proposition III of art. 145, of the CTN, observed the exception made use in the only paragraph of art. 149, of the same statute, that thus makes use: ' ' the revision of the launching alone can be initiated while not extinct the right of the Pblica' Farm; '. Article 149 of the CTN (01) describes all the hypotheses where the Public Farm can effect and review the launching ex-officio tributary. still, independently of the launching modality the one that the tribute is citizen, ex-officio, for declaration or homologation, the rule how much to the counting of the decadencial stated period to effect the launching ex-officio it is, to-somente, the described one in art. 173 of the CTN, that thus makes use: Art. 173. The right of the Public Farm to constitute the credit tributary after extinguishes 5 (five) years, counted: I - of the first day of the following exercise to that one where the launching could have been effected; II - of the date where if to become definitive the decision that will have annulled, for formal vice, the launching previously effected. Only paragraph. The right the one that if relates this article is extinguished definitively with the continuation of the stated period in foreseen, counted it of the date where she has been initiated the constitution of the credit tributary for the notification, to the passive citizen, of any indispensable writ of prevention to the launching.
The Film As A Gift: "How I Spent This Summer Name of the film How I spent this summer, the original name as I spent this summer Who can give young people, older generation, polar explorers, philosophers, psychologists, photographers, naturalists. What are holidays for no reason, professional holidays very often it seems that national cinema is still in big trouble, never recovered after a period of collapse. When the Soviet Union broke alteration, splashed on the screens tape, shot, they say, at news of the day (very virulent and sometimes openly ). Streams and bytovuhi that rarely met gifted movies, a few exhausted by the end of 80-ies. At the beginning of the 90's began a period of decline. Get out of his top domestic movie, in my subjective opinion, in the second half of the 90. And continuing this process until now. First, use the legacy of the tsarist regime, in other words, accumulated in the ussr tradition, it was unfashionable, then the eyes of producers and directors appealed to Hollywood, because demand for their products is always there! But the native nivah experience of Western colleagues gives scant fruit and bears sometimes preposterous hybrids. Not take root (not yet take root?) superheroes are transplanted into the local soil, the classical reflection looks ridiculous on the bandits and the glamorous young people. In recent years, increasingly began to come across real masterpieces in the field of serials and full-length tapes, gradually returning international recognition. And if the skeptics will argue with you on this issue, is to give them a new (although already relatively new) film "How I spent this summer." Film This filmed by director Alexei Popogrebsky in 2008-2009 and went into the world hire the 17 th February 2010 at the Berlin Film Festival. Domestic audience waiting now until April 1, 2010, and in my opinion, has not received any widespread rent or special advertising this movie.