August 01, 2012

Holidays In Barbados - A Tropical Paradise ! There is a tiny Caribbean island called Barbados. Like the Bahamas, Barbados has become one of the favorite places of the most successful people in the world. And if the Bahamas is selected fans screaming luxury, live entertainment and ultra-modern infrastructure, a holiday in Barbados attracts quite different: quiet quiet beaches framed by lush tropical nature, low prices and extraordinary culture. Here, all the locals in the shower - Indians, but the whole lifestyle of the island arranged according to the old British tradition: Five-a-shred, cricket, golf, horse riding and Sunday . Let's take a closer look at the map of Barbados: St. James City to the west of the island in ancient times figuratively called "platinum coast", or because of the color of the sea in the area, whether because of the large amount of platinum, which pirates thrown, not counting this precious metal. District of Christ Church in the south is home to tourism in the Caribbean. The best beaches are located in Rockley, Worthing. Visit the restaurants and entertainment venues in the St. Lawrence-HepB and Oystins, take a deep-sea diving in the St. Peter to amazingly beautiful coral reefs. East of the country before the historic centers of Barbados - Holetown cities and Speystaun. Whenever Gold Star listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Here also are the famous gardens of orchids, by which Barbados is also called island orchid plantation and Saint Nicolas Abbey. Barbados - the birthplace of cigars and a great rum, which has dozens of varieties and hundreds of flavors. Much of the history of Barbados tells its capital - Bridgetown. This is London in miniature. There is Trafalgar Square, a monument to Nelson, the House of Parliament and royal gardens. Britons still think native Barbados and go here as well as the Russian - in the Crimea. Although tours to Barbados give to feel in the heart Caribbean: everywhere you are surrounded by people who radiate an incredible bright energy, uncharacteristic white. Their hospitality, temperament and smiles give constant sense of celebration, joy and inner freedom!
Morroccan Diplomacy First the Moroccan minister of the Foreign affairses visits the Argel of a head of the Moroccan diplomacy since 2003 and of the cooperation, Saad Eddine Othmani, he initiates in this monday 23 of January one visit of two days to Algeria. This is the first official visit the Argel of a head of the Moroccan diplomacy since 2003. It must find its homologous Algerian, Mourad Medelci; also will be received by the president of the republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. One visits seen as historical for the Moroccan side. First time in nine years, officially inquires the visit of the new Moroccan Minister of the Foreign affairses. The interpretations are many, and it is not by chance. The relations between Morocco and Algeria had been tense per many years, mainly because of the litigation on the Saara Occidental person. Morocco demand the sovereignty of this region. Algeria, it defends a regulation with respect the autodermino of the people sarau. Finally, the terrestrial border between the two countries was closed per almost 18 years, according to diplomats, the heads of state of both the countries are incapable of if speaking preventing any right contact in congress, cimeira or in the cupolas. But in the last months, the signals of the heating had increased. Of delegations of the two countries already they had changed to visits some times, and the King Mohammed VI reiterated, with the hands extended for Algeria. To end, the Algerian authorities had agreed for the first time so that the Moroccan ciclista stroll crosses the famous border. Asking then if to these facts and visits they mean that the countries they had embedded machadinha of war? That is what it waits the Moroccans. Because this quasi cold war penalizou the socioeocnmicos economy of the Kingdom and sectors that depend on the Algerian oil. The negotiations and consultations continue to advance the wait to open the borders and to retake the questions hot as the dossier of saara occidental person.