July 25, 2012

Can You Be A Good Person ? Can you be a good person in the world today? You know, dear readers, there are quite a banal idea - gather all the good people in one place and the forces of these collected in one place people try to carry out small actions aimed at making the world just a little better. Remember the good Soviet cartoon: "Just like that?" By turns a bunch of flowers spread from one animal to another. And everyone who received this bunch, the mood improved. Children's cartoon, you say? And in life that does not happen? Maybe I do not know. But the trouble is that I did not try. How many times have you personally have the desire to present a bouquet of flowers unfamiliar liked the girl? And how many times you do it do? At least try? Personally, I did not try. Because the girl herself. But you can come up with something else. Common contributes greatly to this topic. Not necessarily pass a bunch of flowers. If we can not influence the weather and make a sunny day in a year more, once again to say something good just like in the same cartoon, we may well. We write obscenities on the walls - of course, also need somewhere to do with negative energy. And we can write, and a kind word. No, not fences You can probably find some other way. Is there any possibility to make the world better? Is it possible to unit the world, where would all be good and live happily? The history of mankind has any of the utopian idea, and they were all doomed to failure. Can I, the author, there is little information? As something other than the biblical paradise nothing comes to mind is not. Perhaps even now there are separate human settlements, where thriving well, where all the polls are good people. But for how long people can be in a state where to send negative energy, how many people can hold it or to sublimate? I think that now the...
Legislator The legislator of if inhaling in the isonomy, equality, and imparcialidade when promoting the creation of a law, thus will reach the supposed equality that in this work we will call normative equality, or being able to be substituted by the social equality. Then nor always the legislator, compactua with the idea to create a based law in the rules long ago mentioned, prefers the legislator to take care of its proper interests, or to defend the point of view of one determined group. It who at this moment, will be promotional it of the injustice, therefore in its normative gene does not know the law already is born and loads in itself definitive vice that if moves away from the equality of all, that is, the normative equality. Therefore it is the law that if configures as conducting instrument of justice, together law and right, hang the society and establish in each relation the meaning of justice, Having a different law will have the promotion of different justice, leaving of this new agreement we go still more deepening in them establishing a multicriteria concept and brief on the term justice. JUSTICE the term justice (of the Latin iustitia, for it saw half-scholar), in simple way, says respect to the equality of all the citizens. I begin it is it basic of an agreement that objective to keep the social order through the preservation of the rights in its legal form (constitutionality of the laws) or in its application the specific cases (litigation). Its maximum order, represented in Rome for a statue, with vendados eyes, aims at its maximum values where ' ' all are equal before lei' ' ' ' all have equal guarantees legais' ' , or still, ' ' all have equal direitos' '. Justice must search the equality between the citizens. The RECOGNITION OF JUSTICE To recognize unjust acts is not difficult.