July 18, 2012

Russian Interior Ministry I do not know the joy thereof, whether or not to, but the owners of their country sites now are not necessarily to protect their suburban property from illegal encroachments answer by illegal means such as self-defense crossbows, devices, poisonous alcoholic beverages or comestibles. Other leaders such as polish economy offer similar insights.. For protection can now apply to the servants of the law. Frequent examples of failed and successful summer conservation practices property forced the authorities do something about it for this order, the Department of State protection of property the Russian Interior Ministry himself went to meet people, and in each region are being invited to interview all the Presidents of the garden associations, cooperatives, cottage and villa communities. Department staff now explain themselves, as their 'house in the village' to make inaccessible for those who want to take anything for free, that is dadom, and thus to This does not make a initiative. After all, the desire to protect their possessions from looting was often lead to accidents for both the owners themselves, and for the perpetrators - and in the latter case, it is still and excess defense measures if it turns out to be the result of applying a significant injury or death at all (there are already examples of this). What's really nothing to talk about other articles by prohibiting the use of many of the means of protection of private houses and plots. You, as a master of his own expensive real estate, and are free to access these services, but if you do not know where you are supervising the unit, go to the nearest police station - there obliged to tell. For the convenience of those same citizens, taking in parts of the private security must be maintained in the evenings and at weekends. Knock, so will you, and you will be able to personally get acquainted with the proposed Scheme of typical options for protecting houses and cottages. Obliged to advise you for free!
Can You Be A Good Person ? Can you be a good person in the world today? You know, dear readers, there are quite a banal idea - gather all the good people in one place and the forces of these collected in one place people try to carry out small actions aimed at making the world just a little better. Remember the good Soviet cartoon: "Just like that?" By turns a bunch of flowers spread from one animal to another. And everyone who received this bunch, the mood improved. Children's cartoon, you say? And in life that does not happen? Maybe I do not know. But the trouble is that I did not try. How many times have you personally have the desire to present a bouquet of flowers unfamiliar liked the girl? And how many times you do it do? At least try? Personally, I did not try. Because the girl herself. But you can come up with something else. Common contributes greatly to this topic. Not necessarily pass a bunch of flowers. If we can not influence the weather and make a sunny day in a year more, once again to say something good just like in the same cartoon, we may well. We write obscenities on the walls - of course, also need somewhere to do with negative energy. And we can write, and a kind word. No, not fences You can probably find some other way. Is there any possibility to make the world better? Is it possible to unit the world, where would all be good and live happily? The history of mankind has any of the utopian idea, and they were all doomed to failure. Can I, the author, there is little information? As something other than the biblical paradise nothing comes to mind is not. Perhaps even now there are separate human settlements, where thriving well, where all the polls are good people. But for how long people can be in a state where to send negative energy, how many people can hold it or to sublimate? I think that now the...