July 08, 2012

Austrians Empire The complicante factor of this situation is that the Serbia, that also placed itself in the Balkans defended the unification of the Slavic peoples of this region, that obviously searched the support of the Russia Mother to reach this end 6. But against point of this situation they were the intentions of the Austrohungarian empire in the region. In 1914, the heir of this empire was divulging personally its intentions for the region for when he assumed the throne, the intentions they were: to consolidate a composed empire for Austria, Hungria and the Slavic peoples of the region. But with the arrival of the prince in the region to display its ideas, it was died for the integrant ones of an organization that defended the integration of the Bsnia the Serbia 7. With this incident, Austria, that had alliances with Germany, demanded the immediate verification of the facts for the Serbia, however Austria did not have a satisfactory reply, and with this war against the Serbia, that also had its alliances, more necessarily with Russia was declared. Of this form the two alliances, the Entente Cordiale and the Trplice Alliance had been involved in the conflict. At the beginning of the conflict, all found that this war would be of short duration and had to this two fronts of battle had been consolidated: the Occidental person (where they fought the Germans against the English and Frenchmen) and the eastern front (where they fought Germans, Austrians and Russians). In the Eastern front Germany if came across with the amount of Russian soldiers, that it made with that the German armament superiority practically was annulled. In the front occidental person, the conflict finished being stanches, due the heavy artillery of both the parts, of this form the litigation if it directed for what we call ' ' war of trincheiras' ' , thus disabling advance of any one of the parts.
Pictures Of Flowers We all know the decorative value with the flowers in the world nowadays. Here and there in the holidays or regular places in artistic fields or areas of everyday life, in celebrations or in times of mourning, we find flowers as decoration that adorns all sorts of areas. The world of the flower beds is no stranger to this fact. In many places and in many areas of modern life can find pictures of flowers decorating the place where we are. That is why the flower beds are a commercial success of the decoration. When we talk about pictures of flowers we can refer to two different types of tables are included as subject the flowers in his paintings. Thus, there are pictures of flowers and art are paintings of flowers that simply have a decorative purpose. The art paintings of flowers have been the reason he has made many artists in line included as to express their feelings and ideas flowers. Artistic flower boxes are a popular motif in these areas by the great magic of flowers. The pictures of flowers that serve decorative purposes are also quite famous worldwide. Due to the feeling of joy home and can transmit the flowers, these pictures of flowers are widely used for decorating the house or the fields posh. As for the flower beds that have to do with artistic motivations we can say that these are not decorative in the first place. Many pictures are placed in places where art simply have them as decorative elements, which denigrates the symbolic and emotional meaning that there may be behind the artwork represents. That is why, just respect for the art of the artists, you should find out beforehand what kind of box you are purchasing flowers, since it is not seen a picture or a decorative art placed in any corridor or any room to receive visits. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider flowers with pictures of art that these are not made for decoration and so will often not well...