July 23, 2012

Symbols of Wealth and Prosperity Such symbols of wealth and prosperity, such as wallets and piggy bank, as a gift may be the beginning of the ruin you dear man. To avoid this, you need to know not only the signs but also the possibility of legitimately deceive them. In a purse worth putting the money and the more they will be, the richer will be the man (as we have in mind the "volume" and not the total amount should stock up on coins). Fill the stands and any other empty thing. Another way to get the thing without getting in this misery, a gift to "buy." For example, you give as a present knives, birthday boy "pays" you for it a handful of coins. Less expensive way to get a gift is his "theft". Thing is not given to you personally, and put where, when you turn away, hero of the occasion it will be able to "steal". The "bad" can be a gift and "Accompany" good. Wristwatch can be worn on the foot teddy bear: a pity, of course, a toy, after parting, and old age would get it, rather than a birthday. In case you need to give something before the scheduled date, you can wrap a present in tissue paper (so that the birthday gift he saw himself then, when it "can"). Or you can pod "to keep the deposit, and a holiday gift to hand over the phone or via e- letter. Accept the gifts can be collected in abundance. And the good news is that almost each of them have the opportunity to "outsmart". Because after all the worst gift described the Russian writer and poet Igor Guberman Mironovich in the following four lines: We give a woman flowers, stars from the sky, circling the ball and pass it on "you" After Giving a Presentation malo., we give part of his soul. Warm feelings are always appreciated, even if they are "escorted" not "best" thing in terms of marks. But no gift and attention - very bad omen. So remember important...
Early Diagnosis In such cases the relatives themselves in need of individual care therapist or psychologist. What should I do? At the stage yet diagnosis is made and the person is not identified in the hospital need to somehow switch it to other genera of activities: giving, children, grandchildren, computer, watching movies (preferably comedies), reading, sharing time Forwarding, playing cards, chess, painting, writing poetry, walks, theater, faith, etc. Great resistance to absolute indifference and you meet with the doctors clinic. Though everyone screams at the first came across a corner in the traditional medicine of the early diagnosis of cancer, believe me, in a normal clinic nobody even takes care of that occurred early hospitalization. You will walk out office to office for months, doctors will constantly throw off from themselves to all kinds of way responsible. If you are sick themselves, and no one to take care of you - fight. If your loved one is ill - fight. Turn into a wolf tear and mechite. Not unreasonably, learn a pile of information about medicine, diagnosis, studied law. Attack and defend, make sure that the system worked for you. Where is threatened, somewhere asking. Do not stop Do not be afraid of condemnation. You and your loved ones - it is the most important thing for you, for everyone else - you just flow, gray mass. Visit Joe Biden for more clarity on the issue. What to do after surgery or after multiple courses of heavy therapy (radio, chemistry, etc.). After surgery heavy period after therapy, too. Critical care, support, take the time to be with friends, work can wait.