June 05, 2012

Sergio Verssimo This condition must the same it the fact of the treatment given to these types of assistants be attributed to the unitary facultative joint parties, as already it was pointed out. The Solicitor of the City of Native of London, Sergio Verssimo de Oliveira Son, in the ones backwards the following writing: ' ' the litisconsorcial assistant can practise any act during the course of the process, it has mere procedural matrix, or same he directly reaches the material right in litigation, as the legal recognition of the order or the resignation. Even because, in being ' ' litisconsortes' ' , they submit it the made use one in art. 48 of the CPC: ' ' except for disposal in the opposite, the joint parties will be considered, in its relations with the adverce party, as litigant distinct; the acts and the omissions of one will not harm nor will benefit outros' ' 12 In this diapaso, ' ' if in one data process, intend the plaintiff to give up the action, being been necessary the assent of the male defendant, since this already offers its plea, and having qualified assistance, the assent of the assistant also will be demanded so that the waiver of an action is homologated by sentence, thus being able to produce its efeitos' ' 13. On the other hand, diverse condition occurs with the adhesive assistants, who for not being titular of the procedural legal relationship, act as mere assistant, being subordinated to the part the one that they attend, not being able to practise acts that oppose the orientaes adopted for the attended one. In such a way, the simple assistant cannot, for example, give up the action or to modify the order, a time that, these are acts attributed to the bearers of the material legal relationship. this well-known difference with respect to the performance of the two types of assistants, is presented one more time, when we take for object only paragraph of art.
Concept of Preservation The Concept of Preservation or To extend the Fugaz Preservare Cristiano Silva Cardoso* Rita de Cssia Oliveira Pedreira* Beyond protecting a good so that the happened generations can know it. In appeared direction it can also be said that the act to preserve is the permanent one to sow of one ground sacred, or in other cases to consider it a litigation land. More than what to keep something that one day is, in this activity it has space to contribute itself with the institutionalization of cultural identities, as much in the aspect micron (individual or communitarian) how much in the macro-social aspect, fitting amongst its attributions the reinforcement of sovereignty icons and self-determination, being in turn intrinsically on to the power, the memory and to its exercise. It is to salutar, therefore, to consider aspects of basic importance for optimum agreement of this work, that in contrast of that many think is differentiated of ideas as of that ' ' to preserve the material certification, guarantees contents it the preservation of memria' '. game is more complex of what it makes look like, after all, the past social relations are not imprisoned in the things, and yes, in the dialectic, defined so well for Waldsia Russio (1981), between the citizen, the space and the object. Triad in which, each one exerts its paper in way accomplishes for the establishment what it called in fact museal. To exceed the simplista barrier of the preservation while ' ' I accumulate material' ' it places in guideline the permanent communication of ideas, feelings and sensations around the good, fruit of an ingenious work that throughout the years transformed the nature and the proper humanity. Therefore, preserving is attributed to it ' ' value of processo' ' , as much for its selective character, how much politician. We evidence in this sensible magnifying of the almost mythical character that entorna the act to preserve, in launching in privileged way to a reflective positioning, to the default it time, this so implacable agent of the finitude of...