June 17, 2012

Marriage Skills The couple appears to frum for the hearing of conciliation marked for the judge in a separation process. I never liked very then the existing hearing of conciliation it couple. To the times the pombinhos already were living to them cover and kisses since the day where they had said ' ' until the death in separe' '. If the marriage already had twenty years and it does not give certain, they would not be fifteen minutes that the advice of the judge would go to fix everything, until why before the judge the couple already is advised with the priest, the shepherd, the bishop and without asking for had heard advice of the mother-in-law, the brother-in-law, the neighbor and the cousin of the neighbor, etc. and such. But on this day the separation was friendly and thought I who was question to homologate the agreement. The solemn act starts and the judge wants to know the reason of the separation. The alert lawyer the magistrate who did not have litigation and that he was everything made right and wanted only the homologation. Not satisfied, the judge if says debtor to try to make the couple to live together and insists to know the reason. Mr. Joo, says the reason to me Sir wants to release the Owner Maria. Doctor, fondness I do not want, but it wants thus and I am in agreement. Not, he cannot be, he says its Excellency. Owner Maria, then the problem is with Mrs. The reason says me which that takes Mrs. to want to separate itself of its husband. Doctor, leaves pra there, is thing mine and prefers not to touch in the subject. I do not know if the judge was curious excessively and wanted to know of the other people's life or if in fact he exactly wanted to recolocar in the tracks plus a marriage. Owner Maria, Mrs. this not understanding, while the subject will not be disclosed we goes to be here. Therefore, she soon treats to start to speak. She looks...
Austrians Empire The complicante factor of this situation is that the Serbia, that also placed itself in the Balkans defended the unification of the Slavic peoples of this region, that obviously searched the support of the Russia Mother to reach this end 6. But against point of this situation they were the intentions of the Austrohungarian empire in the region. In 1914, the heir of this empire was divulging personally its intentions for the region for when he assumed the throne, the intentions they were: to consolidate a composed empire for Austria, Hungria and the Slavic peoples of the region. But with the arrival of the prince in the region to display its ideas, it was died for the integrant ones of an organization that defended the integration of the Bsnia the Serbia 7. With this incident, Austria, that had alliances with Germany, demanded the immediate verification of the facts for the Serbia, however Austria did not have a satisfactory reply, and with this war against the Serbia, that also had its alliances, more necessarily with Russia was declared. Of this form the two alliances, the Entente Cordiale and the Trplice Alliance had been involved in the conflict. At the beginning of the conflict, all found that this war would be of short duration and had to this two fronts of battle had been consolidated: the Occidental person (where they fought the Germans against the English and Frenchmen) and the eastern front (where they fought Germans, Austrians and Russians). In the Eastern front Germany if came across with the amount of Russian soldiers, that it made with that the German armament superiority practically was annulled. In the front occidental person, the conflict finished being stanches, due the heavy artillery of both the parts, of this form the litigation if it directed for what we call ' ' war of trincheiras' ' , thus disabling advance of any one of the parts.